Culture at Transporeon – Transporeon GmbH

Culture at Transporeon – Transporeon GmbH

Join the Transformation

At Transporeon, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world. Together, we use technology to make transportation more data-driven, connected, transparent, and sustainable.

To do that, we work with an amazing team of more than 1,400 people to help support our clients with excellent products and service.

Working with us means bringing your passion, your curiosity, and your ambition to solve complex challenges to work every day. We value open-minded, collaborative work practices to help us transform ourselves and we transform the industry we work within.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your career or already have 20 years of experience: you are the transformation.





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Actioning our Values

Our values shape and guide our way of working with each other, with our partners, and with our customers.



Be Yourself & Thrive Together

We believe in a culture where you can be different from others. With empathy, compassion and trust, we embrace our diversity and thrive through inclusivity.



Be Intentional & Humble


Our growth mindset drives us to deliver value for the planet, and our humility enables us to better ourselves and the communities we serve.



Be Curious & Solve Problems

With an entrepreneurial mindset, we are always exploring creative ways to innovate and solve complex problems to provide new value to our customers.

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Transform yourself!

We are committed to helping our employees grow and thrive. Read on to see the various programs and opportunities available to all employees to help with professional training, coaching, and mentorship.


To get our new hires introduced to Transporeon, we provide everyone with virtual live welcome sessions and recordings. Our aim is to get the Transporeans prepared to begin working the most effective way possible.

Career Development

To accommodate employee feedback and wishes aligned to personal development as well as to enable more growth opportunities, we implemented an expert career framework for our technical roles. It supports employees to identify horizontal career opportunities and gives guidance to develop individually based on requirements for the respective roles. We consider vertical and horizontal careers equally important and provide assistance in both directions.

Individual Development

Additional to our Skills Academy our employees have the possibility to participate in external trainings aligned to their individual development plan.

Transporeon Skills Academy

To integrate continuous learning into the daily routine of our employees, we offer a visualization of all development opportunities with our Transporeon Learning Landscape. The Learning Journey is designed for each employee based on their personal development plan.

We offer virtual workshops, trainings, mentoring, coaching, online learning and more. We regularly revise our offerings to meet the needs in a fast-paced working world.

Online Learning Activities

Transporeon grants all employees the freedom to choose from several online learning providers to find the ideal online learning solution for each individual.

The yearly budget can be used for annual subscriptions, on demand solutions, e-papers and everything related to online learning.

Learning Weeks

By providing Learning Weeks we intend to enhance skills and capabilities related to our core competencies and our strategy. Learning weeks occur on a regular basis to optimize the learning journey.

We organize events around a predefined topic, e.g. Self Development or Diversity and Inclusion. These can be live events with external speakers, success stories within the company, briefing sessions, articles, videos and more.

Take a look inside

See what it’s like to work at Transporeon — from an employee’s perspective.

What candidates say about us

Great experience
I had a very thorough interview. The interviewer was well prepared, asked good questions, and gave me a lot of information.
Applicant feedback from December 12, 2023
Manual Tester/QA Engineer
It's rare to find such an engaging and considerate interviewer who takes the time to really understand the candidates.
Applicant feedback from December 8, 2023
Good interview process.
Pros: - The exercise was adequate for the role's needed skills. - I was allowed to properly explain, defend my point of view and make me be understood by the professionals, who heard me with attention. - I felt respected during the whole process. Con: - The only con I found is the excessive delay between exercise answer date and technical interview. I sent the answers in November 1st and had my technical interview in November 21st. I suggest the process be faster to improve candidate experience.
Applicant feedback from November 22, 2023
Great experience throughout
Great professionalism from the application process through the interview. Calm and friendly atmosphere during the interview.
Applicant feedback from November 21, 2023
About First Interview
Positives: Factual and Clear Conversation: I greatly appreciated the factual nature of our discussion. It helped in understanding the role and the company's expectations clearly. Pleasant Atmosphere: The interview atmosphere was congenial and welcoming, which made the entire experience more comfortable and engaging. Mutual Understanding: It was evident that both sides valued clarity and certainty in communication, ensuring a mutual understanding was achieved. Preparation: I was impressed by the level of preparation from your team. It not only demonstrated the professionalism of your company but also made the interview process smooth and informative. Team Involvement: Having two members from your company participate added depth to our conversation and provided me with a well-rounded perspective of the team and its dynamics. Personal Assessment: From my standpoint, the interview was highly positive and served as an exemplary model of what constructive and meaningful recruitment conversations should look like. The balance between professionalism and a warm atmosphere was particularly striking. As for areas of improvement, I would suggest very little, as the interview met and exceeded my expectations. However, if there is any additional information or insight into the role or company culture that can be shared in future interviews, it would be even more beneficial for candidates to understand the full scope of what to expect. In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity to have interviewed with Transporeon GmbH and am more enthusiastic than ever about the possibility of joining your team. I look forward to any future interactions and am happy to provide any further information needed from my end.
Applicant feedback from November 17, 2023
I'm looking forward
Hello, I find the first interview was good and informative and I'm looking forward for your feedback! Best regards,
Applicant feedback from November 10, 2023
Professional and respectful process
It was great that the interviewers made me feel comfortable and valued during the process. They were interested not only on my skills but on me as a person which is great to see in a company our size. I appreciate being challenged with certain questions that weren't expected and took me out of my comfort zone. The assessment was structured in 3 tasks that i can imagine because there was a lot to cover they had to refer to different components. However, i thought it was a bit distracting going from the general market analysis of Yard Management to the chosen area and then at the end on the 3rd task to go back to the competitive analysis and differentiation of yard management in general. I also think it would be nice to specify that the metrics and KPIs for success need to be related to either yard management (as a whole) or the chosen area. Lastly, maybe 15 mins to present it's a bit tight. However, this might be not objective given i am very talkative by nature but of course you can check this and decide what is best. Thank you all for your time, feedback and consideration.
Applicant feedback from November 8, 2023
Overall very satisfactory interview
Friendly interviewer Good overview of the position and the company Unstable internet connection unfortunately
Applicant feedback from November 1, 2023
Interesting and professional
We were totally alligned during the interview and spent 30 minutes talking about the companies and the business even before the interview. Very good explanations from Maria and really a warm and good atmosphere. I felt really comfortable during the time the interview took.
Applicant feedback from October 26, 2023
Fullstack Software Developer
Everything was perfect. The conversation was excellent with Petra. She nicely explained about the company and about the role.
Applicant feedback from October 24, 2023
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